Presented by SixEight Food Pantry

About the Food Pantry

Who we are:

SixEight Food Pantry became a ministry of SixEight Church in June of 2013. We are operated entirely by a staff of volunteers.

By the Numbers (in a typical month):

Total households: 463 (New: 108)
Total clients served: 1,513
Pounds of Food: 25,365

Hours of Service:

Every Tuesday from 4-7pm. (Or by appointment from 11m-12pm)

Where we get our food?

From individuals and local companies who donate directly to the Food Pantry
From donations made by individuals in the church and local community
From our partnership with the Clark County Food Bank
From the Emergency Food Assistance Program
From the USDA

Who receives food?

People who lose their job or have a medical emergency and need time to work they way back out of sudden poverty.

Children in at risk families who need nutrition to succeed in school.

Seniors and others living on a fixed income.

Those who are permanently homeless.

Those who are trying to rebuild their lives from bad choices and just need a chance.

How do we give out food?

Members of our community can visit our pantry each week. There they are offered many food choices in our shopping style pantry ranging from dairy to protein, produce to canned and frozen items as well as other dry goods.

Our service is as much like a trip to the grocery store as we can make it, giving our clients the dignity of choosing what they can use while at the same time limiting waste of items that will just be thrown away.

At the foundation of our service is dignity. Because every human being is made in God’s image, they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We work hard to ensure a nonjudgmental, comfortable environment with friendly concern, conversation with a smile and of offer to pray with people upon their request.